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Posts Tagged ‘USA’
Binder - I just met her

News For The Daft: Mitt’s Cornucopia of Comedy

How Mitt got his groove back: genius new strategy or just plain silly? News For The Daft, like tequila, should be taken with a pinch of salt and minimal gagging.

photo (2)

Emigration Diary: Into The Blue

The Americans that Jenny's met so far have been overwhelmingly welcoming, leading her to question whether we're ever as pleasant to immigrants here at home... and whether she'll ever return.

Obama vs Romney debate

I’m a Presidential Candidate, Get Me Out Of Here: Episode 3 – The Underdog Fights Back

US correspondent Jenny Foxe details the view from the ground following the first round debate between Romney and Obama.


News for the Daft: Trolling Government Crush Conspiracy Theorists’ Dreams, Tinfoil Hats

Conspiracy theorists have been left devastated by the US government's admission that they were just playin', yo. News For The Daft, like tequila, should be taken with a pinch of salt and minimal gagging.


Emigration Diary: After the Honeymoon

Jenny's nearly at the three-month mark in her emigration adventure... which, according to Wikipedia, means there's trouble ahead. Still, there's always time for a mooch around NYC.


Rottweiler Soup: Wicked Midnight

In which McManus outlines his very specialist erotic/religious rituals. Don't try this at home. Please?


News For The Daft: Spain to be Ceded to Historical Muslim Empire in Cost-Cutting Exercise

Farewell Hispania, we hardly knew ye. News For The Daft, like tequila, should be taken with a pinch of salt and minimal gagging.

Democrats vs Republicans

I’m a Presidential Candidate – Get Me Out Of Here: Episode 2 – The Conventions

The democrats had dancing. The republicans had beach balls. Jenny Foxe casts her shrewd, newcomer's eye over the party conventions for this year's US presidential election.


Opinion: Duck Season

While accusations are flung at the incumbent by Republican opponents, US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney continues to put foot firmly in mouth. Conor Ross-Magahy looks at a war of words.

Obama and Romney

I’m A Presidential Candidate, Get Me Out Of Here: Episode 1 – The Teams

Emigration: Where you lose a friend but gain a US elections correspondent. In her first update, our Jenny Foxe likens the US presidential campaign to the very best reality TV: extravagant, cringeworthy, and nail-biting.


Emigration Diary: Moo-ving In

Jenny is slowly getting used to having her petrol pumped for her, the kids have the lingo already, and George... is getting paid in male moisturiser. The USA is cray-cray.


Top Ten Nations That Do Not Give A Fuck

Here in Ireland, we constantly have our knots in a pickle. Perhaps we should be more like these charming countries, the ones that simply just.... don't care.

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