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Christmas: Santa, Statistically

It's easy to neglect what everyone's favourite Coke-swigging gift-bearer has to put up with every year. Quantity Quantitatively speaking, the man deserves his status as a legend. A terrifying, terrifying legend.


News for the Daft: Rónán Mullen Warns Against ‘Double-Think’ in Wake of US Tragedy

Do we need to reevaluate how we think of the unborn in the wake of the US shooting? One senator thinks so. News For The Daft, like tequila, should be taken with a pinch of salt and minimal gagging.


Emigration Diary: The Week Before Christmas

It's been a tough week for the US, and Jenny's felt it keenly. In the wake of the Newtown mass shooting, she watches her community prepare for Christmas.


Ramp Randoms: A Quick Guide For Someone Who’s Missed The Last 10 Years

So you decided to cryogenically freeze yourself ten years ago before being thawed out today, and you've only got 5 minutes to catch up on what you've missed? We've got you covered.


Emigration Diary: Trading Traditions

The Foxe family prepare for Thanksgiving during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, while political events at home have left Jenny feeling disconnected.

Betty Williams

Interview with Betty Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

With the E.U. having been awarded the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, Seán O'Toole speaks with laureate Betty Williams about The Troubles, activism, Barack Obama and harnessing anger for good.

Obama - Four More Years

The Final: I’m The President – Get Out of Here

As Barack Obama is crowned president of the USA (there's a crown, right?), recent emigrant and brand new 'murrican Jenny Foxe wraps up her analysis of the greatest show on earth.


News for the Daft: Election Special!

Want the most up-to-date information on last night's election? We wish we'd had it when we wrote this... News For The Daft, like tequila, should be taken with a pinch of salt and minimal gagging.


Emigration Diary: Powerless

Jenny Foxe has only been in Long Island a couple of months and she's already lived through a hurricane. In this eyewitness account about waves, fuel queues and 148-hour power cuts, she tells us what Sandy was really like.


Rottweiler Soup: Zeroes and Ones

In which McManus is alerted to some less than covert surveillance. Plus, 18 tips for recessionistas!

©2012 Scout Tufankjian

I’m A Presidential Candidate, Get Me Out Of Here: Episode 5 – Mapping It Out

Not long to go now before the American people go to the polls. Jenny Foxe, our girl in the US, takes a look at the third presidential debate... and reminds us of the other names on the ballot. OTHER NAMES?

©2012 Scout Tufankjian for Obama for America

I’m a Presidential Candidate, Get Me Out of Here: Episode 4: Binders Full of Women And All That Malarkey

Emigration: Where you lose a friend but gain a US elections correspondent. This week, Jenny Foxe takes us though the VP and second Presidential debate, plus the lowdown on the word on the street.

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