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Posts Tagged ‘Twitter’

The 5 Worst Kinds of People on Twitter

Sascha charts the worst of Twitter. Take a deep breath and let's go...


The Twitterati: 9 accounts you need to follow, like, right now

Hillary Clinton joining The Twitter has got us thinking about all those other accounts we love. Hop to it, yo.


11 Horrible Types of Person You Encounter on Twitter and What They Might Look Like

Joining Twitter is like entering prison. Everyone is there for a reason, and the bad eggs waste no time in being odious. Here, for your fury, is a mere subsection of the horrible people in the 'twittersphere', not including peo...


Ramp Randoms: That Told You, Internet

Don't look now but we've recently developed a huge wedge of respect for the judges on The Voice. Here's why.

LinkedIn Haw Haw

Ramp Randoms: On LinkedIn

LinkedIn. Tragic geek of the internet. Let's be saying it like it is.


Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down: Friday, 22nd of February

Unsure of when to cheer and when to jeer? Does the fickle nature of pop culture scare you? The Brit Awards, Hilary Mantel and literate police dogs; we've got the Hot or Not scale sorted on Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down.

Claire Danes hates Mondays

Ramp Randoms: Twelve Reasons Mondays Are Brilliant

Don't cry, Claire Danes! Mondays aren't all bad. Here are twelve totally legit reasons why.


Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down: Friday, 15th of February

Unsure of when to cheer and when to jeer? Does the fickle nature of pop culture scare you? Adele, Pope memes and Jedward's grasp on the English language; we've got the Hot or Not scale sorted on Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down.


Take Back The City (Of Belfast)

What if we told you that you could make a political statement by simply sitting in the pub? Participate in Take Back The City and help save hundreds of jobs and local businesses.

Catfish The TV Show

Opinion: Catfish Is Just A 21st Century Love Story

We might roll our eyes at MTV's new show Catfish and claim it must be a fix because no one is that stupid, but, as Emma Kelly points out, love has always been blind. And pretty dumb, too.

Fucking Hipster Stuff

Ramp Randoms: Hipsters, Fucking Hipsters, And Their Correct Classification

There are fewer Fucking Hipsters out there than are identified by frightened normals, and Kevin Donnellan knows why. Here's his guide to knowing your Hipsters from your Fucking Hipsters.


Ramp Randoms: A Quick Guide For Someone Who’s Missed The Last 10 Years

So you decided to cryogenically freeze yourself ten years ago before being thawed out today, and you've only got 5 minutes to catch up on what you've missed? We've got you covered.

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