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Posts Tagged ‘scary people’
Poxy Lips FI

Rottweiler Soup: Poxy Lips

In which dinner with Maggie and Frank turns McManus inside out.


Ramp It Up, Stamp It Down: Friday, 11th of January

Unsure of when to cheer and when to jeer? Does the fickle nature of pop culture scare you? Aengus MacGrianna, Oireachtas hearings and eeny-weeny Oscar nominees; we've got the Hot or Not scale sorted on Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down.


Music: How To Survive An Indie Gig

Do you usually only attend concerts when Sarah Brightman's in? Are you wondering how modern music fans must act in communal settings? Don't worry: Rú's got this.

Facebook Rage Guy

Ramp Randoms: The Five Worst Kinds Of People On Facebook

All we can say is: thank God there's a Hide button. Here are the five worst types of people we're all friends with on Facebook.

Drunk Baby

On The Rampage: Self-improvement’s For Life, Not Just For The New Year

New year's resolutions are so tiresome, says our Bridget. If you're really sincere about self-improvement, you wouldn't be leaving it till January to get cracking.

8-bit holiday wreath

Christmas: The Best (And Worst) Christmas Items of 2012

Deck the halls with boughs of holly! All while wearing a She-Ra and He-Man Christmas jumper. And tidy any resulting mess into... Christmas pudding bin bags. Lord help us.


On the Rampage: Rain Etiquette

Frustrated by the idiots that seem to flock outdoors every time it rains? You're not the only one.

Little Girl Covering Ears

Feature: The 40 Worst Songs Ever To Top The Irish Chart

Some are so bad they're good, some are so bad they've taken years off our lives. Here are the 40 worst songs to ever top the Irish chart. Has your favourite made the list? It has? FOR SHAME.

Twishite Breaking Dawn Part Poo

Movies: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II – A Halfarsed Review

Are you a glutton for punishment? Do you really want to know what happens in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II even though you already know it's terrible? Have we a halfarsed, spoiler-heavy review for you!


News for the Daft: Is There More To The Children’s Referendum Than Meets The Eye?

Is the Children's Referendum really just the precursor to a new reality TV show? We investigate. News For The Daft, like tequila, should be taken with a pinch of salt and minimal gagging.

Elmo Experiments FI

Top Ten Horrible Book Covers

Books are brilliant, there is no doubt about this, but when it comes to book covers, publishers can get it hilariously wrong. Here are the Ramp.ie Top Ten Horrible Book Covers. Try not to buy them all, you naughty scamp, you.


Fiverr Of The Week: Inflatable Desperado

They say you need to find creativity within yourself, but that doesn't mean you actually need to fish party tricks from inside your cranium. Here's Fiverr Of The Week: the worst of Fiverr, every week.

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