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Posts Tagged ‘Relationships’

14 Rules for Making Someone Love You… According to the Internet

You like someone and they HAVEN'T declared their undying love? It has been a week already. What the hell is wrong with them?

Traincouple - Nice

Feature: #traincouple – The Facts Of The Matter

Ann's a woman of science and facts. What unsubstantiated details about #traincouple did you fill in, unprompted? With cartoons by Phill Jupitus.

Britney lurves you

How To… Conduct A Love Affair In The ’90s

Are you a loser in love? Pfft. You're clearly not from the '90s, or else you'd have that shit sorted, bucko.

©2013 Phill Jupitus

Feature: #traincouple – Two Strangers, One Psychology Buff, And A Mystery

Of all the trains in all the county, they had to walk into hers. In the first in a series, our resident psychology buff, Ann, meets a fascinating (if oblivious) case study... and gets comedy legend Phill Jupitus to illustrate it.

Rinoa and Squall hug

Popped Culture: Final Fantasy’s Great Romance Is Doomed

Final Fantasy VIII is the big romance of the FF series, so it's kind of depressing that there isn't a hope in hell Squall and Rinoa will make it.


Top Ten Reasons Valentine’s Day Is Terrible

Valentine's Day. Despite what you might have been led to believe from our loved-up coverage this week, we actually hate it and want it to die in a fire.

Alternative Love Songs

Top Ten Alternative Love Songs

Valentine's Day is drawing closer and you need inspiration for your preparations, only you're too cool for Mariah Carey. Worry not: you don't need to be lame to be lovey with our fifteen Top Ten Alternative Love Songs.


Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down: Friday, 16th of November

Unsure of when to cheer and when to jeer? Does the fickle nature of pop culture scare you? Oatmeal paste, hairy wotsits and snackboxes; we've got the Hot or Not scale sorted on Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down.


Health: On Balance – Complicated Relationships

The task of finding love when you live with a disability comes with its own trials, Jenny says, but challenging ignorant preconceptions shouldn't have to be one of them.


Emigration Diary: After the Honeymoon

Jenny's nearly at the three-month mark in her emigration adventure... which, according to Wikipedia, means there's trouble ahead. Still, there's always time for a mooch around NYC.

Hope Springs

Movie Review: Hope Springs

Hope Springs coasts on the charm of its leads, because it's got no bite or laughs to offer besides.

Roger Sanchez Another Chance

Ramp Randoms: The Love Bug

Love, like the common cold, is an incurable disease. Unlike the common cold, it doesn't inspire sympathy in others and male sufferers don't get to upgrade it to Man-Love. Ellen explains why love is the silent killer.

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