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whacking day

Ramp Randoms: Why St Patrick’s Day Needs to Become Whacking Day

Two of the most primal desires of the human brain are the need to party hard and to beat the shit out of something, anything. The writers of The Simpsons may once have unknowingly hit upon the future direction of St Patrick’s...


Top Ten Reasons St. Patrick Was A Bit Of A Dick

We won't wear green and you can't make us, and we have way more than a shamrock trinity of good reasons.

Drink Driving

Top Ten Uniquely Irish Things

Hey! You there! Don't emigrate! You might miss something! One of these uniquely Irish features, for example.


Top Ten Worst Irish Contributions To Music

You can't truly celebrate your Irishness until you admit your mistakes. Here are twelve. We're very sorry, world.

Ronan O'Gara ©2011 Phil Rogers

Oval Digest: Right Decision At The Wrong Time As Deccie Rolls The Dice

Backed into a corner with likely two games left in his Irish coaching career, Declan Kidney has axed Ronan O’Gara. For a logical man, he sure does have a habit for making illogical decisions.


Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down: Friday, 22nd of February

Unsure of when to cheer and when to jeer? Does the fickle nature of pop culture scare you? The Brit Awards, Hilary Mantel and literate police dogs; we've got the Hot or Not scale sorted on Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down.

6 Nations logo

Oval Digest: Errors And Tactical Drought Define Ireland Yet Again

Ireland's rugby team continue to be defined by inconsistency, but at least Brian O'Driscoll got good news at the weekend.


Sport: The Tactical Foul – The Remarkably Useless Nature of Friendly International Games

Everyone loves international friendlies! Oh no, wait. It's the other one. Rú ponders the futility of non-competitive matches.


Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down: Friday, 8th of February

Unsure of when to cheer and when to jeer? Does the fickle nature of pop culture scare you? High-tailing cultists, Chris Brown's private jet and Michelle Williams' weave; we've got the Hot or Not scale sorted on Ramp It Up/Stamp...

Chalkboard with words "back to school"

Emigration Diary: It Is What It Is

In applying for a potentially rewarding new course in education, Jenny is reminded of a less-than-encouraging phone call she received at home in the past..

Sorry We're Closed

Opinion: The Last Picture Show

When it comes to local business, patrons' choice is simple: use it or lose it. Philip mourns the loss of Ballina's local Cineplex as a symptom of a suffering Ireland.

6 Nations logo

Sport: Oval Digest – One Down In Wales…

After a brilliant victory over Wales at the weekend, Shane asks if Ireland can dare to dream of 6 Nations glory.

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