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Posts Tagged ‘Dublin’
Now We Have The Bomb FI

Rottweiler Soup: Now We Have the Bomb

In which McManus wakes up to bad news... and more bad news.


Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down: Friday, November 2nd

Unsure of when to cheer and when to jeer? Does the fickle nature of pop culture scare you? Star Wars, Maeve Higgins and Gardai on segways, we've got the Hot or Not scale sorted on Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down.


Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down: Friday, October 19th

Unsure of when to cheer and when to jeer? Does the fickle nature of pop culture scare you? Hulk Hogan, constipation and binders full of women: we've got the Hot or Not scale sorted on Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down.

Cat People

Opinion: Walking Alone At Night Isn’t A Symptom Of Silliness, Thank You

Yes, sometimes Sinéad walks home alone at night. It's not just because Sinéad loves Home Alone references; it's because she should be able to walk her city at night time without being called a 'silly girl'.

Hard Working Class Heroes 2012

Gig Review: Hard Working Class Heroes 2012

Hard Working Class Heroes celebrates ten years in business, keeping us all busy over three days in the city.

Harry Potter - under the stairs

On the Rampage: Ireland And Landlords, The Eternal Struggle

They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. We say you can raise your blood pressure on any given day just by looking at the pathetic excuses for accommodation available for rent.


Rottweiler Soup: Insignificance

In which McManus jettisons some detritus and unearths (pun intended) the latest craze in gaming.

Roisin Murphy and Jack Reynor

Movie Review: What Richard Did

A Dublin teenager has his world crumble around him. A small action has huge consequences in this drama from the director of Garage and Adam and Paul.

Posh Wellies

Ramp Randoms: I’m A Dubliner, Get Me Out Of Here!

Every year, thousands of culchies move to Dublin and get scared. But sometimes, just sometimes, Dubliners move to the country. And they're just as scared. Karen details her move to Kildare from her beloved fair city.


Rottweiler Soup: Devils, Rats and Piggies

In which McManus has nouvelle cuisine, the promise of a hot date, and a Nicorette-related choking fit.


Rottweiler Soup: Corporal Chalkie

In which McManus takes us on a whistlestop tour around Dublin and Delia makes a welcome second appearance.

DFS_3 - Copy

Top Ten Things To Do During Dublin Festival Season

You know what's great? Going to a festival. You know what's awful? Not going to one. Here is Ramp.ie's Top Ten things to do during Dublin Festival Season, you lucky pups you.

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