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Posts Tagged ‘Christmas’
Christmas Presents

Christmas: Kris Kindle? This Won’t End Well

Kris Kindle. Why do we do it to ourselves? From being lost as to what to buy for an unfamiliar colleague, to receiving the most wildly inappropriate gifts, here's one tradition we might be best off discarding.

Christmas Gift Guide - Boys

The Perplexed Girl’s Do-No-Wrong Gift Guide for Guys

It's getting close to that time again, and you've still no idea what to get him! Booze? Watches? Cigars? Tech magazine subscriptions? Well, uh, yeah! All of those, but these are way better!

Small Gift

The Fearless Frugalista: Christmas On A Shoestring

Christmas is the most expensive time of the year and that's seriously bad news if you're seriously broke. Don't fret. The Fearless Frugalista has four tough tips for Christmas on a tight, tight budget.

Christmas Gift Guide - For Girls

The Clueless Guy’s Christmas Gift Guide for Girls

Menfolk! Are you far too macho to know what to get your girlfriend/wife/sister/best mate this Christmas? This time, Tara's here to help the boys look good.

Chocolate Orange Cake

Emma Bakes… Chocolate Orange Cake

In keeping with the whole festive theme we've got going, here’s a recipe for the most delicious, most impressive, most chocolatiest-orangiest cake in all the land.

The Office

Christmas: Happy Birthday Party, Jesus!

It's office Christmas party time, and Andrew Stanley's got a helpful guide for those of you still to negotiate this tricky, beer-soaked minefield.

Christmas Movies

Top Ten Christmas Films

Christmas Movies! Everyone loves Christmas movies, especially our Emma Kelly, who loves them so much she's lined them up neatly.

I'm Dreaming Of A Shit Christmas

Christmas: Eleven Toys You Wanted For Christmas… And The Shit You Got Instead

There were some brilliant toys back in the '80s and '90s, weren't there? We never got any of them.

8-bit holiday wreath

Christmas: The Best (And Worst) Christmas Items of 2012

Deck the halls with boughs of holly! All while wearing a She-Ra and He-Man Christmas jumper. And tidy any resulting mess into... Christmas pudding bin bags. Lord help us.

Christmas Number 1s

Top 10 Christmas No 1s That Have Nothing To Do With Christmas

Christmas No 1s - full of festive cheer, mistletoe and wine, and seasonal bells. Or are they? Here’s Ramp.ie's nine Top 10 Christmas No 1s that have absolutely feck all to do with Christmas.

photo (10)

Emigration Diary: Advent Adventures

Christmas is coming and, as Jenny's discovered, the Americans like to have a good run at it. The only thing they're more thorough about is healthcare...

Emma Bakes Reindeer Cookies FI

Emma Bakes… Reindeer Cookies

In order to kick off ‘the holidays’ in the jolliest/tastiest way possible, Emma's baking up a batch of festively fun Reindeer Cookies. You should too.

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