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Ramp It Up/Stamp It Down: Friday, 15th of February

Posted February 15, 2013 by Lisa McInerney in Ramp Specials

Ramp It Up!

Gerry Adams on Twitter

So, what were you expecting from @GerryAdamsSF? Was it txt spk? Rubber ducks? Madcap adventures? Mistaking toothbrushes for pens? Showaddywaddy records? Shin on, you crazy diamond.


Pope Jokes

A bad week for Pope Benny as ailing health made him the first pope in centuries to step down. A great week for jokesters and memesters, as th’internet lit up with religiously-fluent wags and their Photoshop skills.


Pancakes and Chocolates All Week

Nutella pancakes in the Ramp Basement, followed two days later by massive boxes of Lily O’Brien’s caramels. Oh, and don’t forget the Creme Eggs. Lent, we know it’s a given that you’re preceded by Pancake Tuesday, but even so, you picked the wrong week to get preachy.



Stamp It Down!


Love for Adele engorged the bosom of every right-thinking person when a photo from the Grammys ceremony showed her bawling out World’s Biggest Gobshite™ Chris Brown. And then she went and spoiled it all by telling us that she’d merely been complimenting him. WAS IT SARCASTICALLY ON HIS AIM? NO? FUCK OFF THEN, ADELE.

Jedward’s Spelling


Oh dear.

Lucinda Creighton

BBC’s Stephen Sackur interviewed Fine Gael’s Lucinda Creighton, as Minister for European Affairs, on Ireland’s stance on LGTBQ rights and abortion. She was predictably embarrassing.  Stop making us look backwards, Lucinda, for fuck’s sake! PEOPLE ARE WATCHING.


About the Author

Lisa McInerney

Lisa’s soul is so damn sensitive, she has to invent and occupy parallel universes just to spread herself evenly. This is also known as being a frustrated novelist.

  • http://twitter.com/Fearganainim Fearganainim

    Niiiiiice :)

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    These are all brilliant!

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