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Opinion: Grow A Pair, Merkel

Posted July 17, 2012 by Chris Barrett in Ramp Specials
Angela Merkel

So not only does Angela Merkel want to fix the ailing economies of Eurozone countries, but she also wants to tackle (hehe) the ever divisive issue of circumcision. Some woman for one woman, lads. That being said, I guess it’s not really out of choice. The Jewish lobby is pretty influential in Germany and considering what the German state did to them almost seventy years ago, if they say something is an attack on Jews in Germany then the federal government is pretty much obliged to get involved.

At least the government has some sort of a choice though. The same cannot be said for the baby boys who have parts of their penis chopped off once they reach eight days old, or thereabouts. These boys do not consent to the mutilation of their genitals and it’s not like it’s a pressing medial procedure that their parents could give consent for on their behalf. Actually, if it were claimed that it was a pressing medical procedure I’d probably be much more lenient towards the practice occurring but the reality is that these non-consensual circumcisions are not done for medical reasons, but for religious ones.

If people want to be religious, more power to them. It’s a great idea to be spiritual but it’s a decision that we should make by ourselves and not be born into or, worse, indoctrinated into. Being forced to adopt a religion or undertake a religious rite is just plain reprehensible. The fact of the matter is that by circumcising a baby for religious reasons you are forcing that religion on to a person who has no concept of what religion is. It’s just morally wrong. At eight days old a baby doesn’t even know when he’s taking a piss, let alone who or what God is and why his willy is being cut for Him.

And some German court in Cologne agrees, but due to the Jewish lobby getting all up in a fuss about it, Chancellor Merkel has said that law will be passed to ensure the religious freedom of the Jews and Muslims in continuing the mutilate the genitals of their young men! Look Angie, I get that you’re trying to be nice to the Jews in Germany after almost exterminating them but at what point do you cross from penance to foolhardiness, eh? There’s a difference between respecting religious expression and allowing a baby’s body to be cut up mercilessly without his permission just because it’s supposedly a commandment from God.

Regardless, it seems that Merkel is going to bend to the power of the religious lobby in Germany. Based on her logic that we must respect the right of religious groups to impose their beliefs on the non-consensual, what else can we expect Germany to do next? Well there’s:

  • The banning of pork. Alas, no longer will Germany be famous for its Bratwurst as the Bible forbids the eating of the meat of a pig. Bummer.
  • The banning of shaving. The Book of Leviticus forbids shaving. I hope the women of Germany are prepared for some serious stubble burn. That shit stings.
  • Women must be quarantined during … that. I think Merkel might be a bit too old for this to affect her, but apparently not only is a woman on her period herself unclean, but anything touched by her also becomes unclean. That’s mad, Ted.
  • Lying’s not gonna be allowed. Now this probably would affect Merkel. Or would it? I’m sure she’s a bastion of truth as well as an upholder of civil liberties and freedom from religious persecution. Oh wait.

Merkel, and Germany’s politicians as a whole, need to understand that they’re not slaves to the Jewish lobby. What was done in the past was horrible, yes, but they can’t sacrifice an individual’s right to be free from forced religion/religious rites just to appease the Jewish people. If she does, then the banning of gossip, as Leviticus demands, can’t be too far behind and at that point even the Irish will be laughing at Germany.

About the Author

Chris Barrett

Chris is a lost, angry puppy who is just trying to find a home. He likes writing, skittles, and politics. He hates you. No, not you, you there, on the right. Yeah. He hates you.

  • http://twitter.com/ElleEmSee Laura C

    If Germany ever gets to the stage of it ceasing to produce meat, I’ll invade it myself and slap sense into them.

    I really enjoyed this article, Sir!

    • http://twitter.com/cbairead Chris D. Barrett

      Thanks! Not my finest, admittedly.

  • http://www.lisamcinerney.com Lisa McInerney

    I don’t know a lot about religious circumcision, but I guess one would have to bear in mind that it’s a relatively innocuous procedure which doesn’t tend to have serious long-term physical or emotional affects, either positive or negative. One sixth of males have been circumcised worldwide, so it doesn’t amount to widespread butchery of masculinity or anything like that.

    The idea of the male body needing to be altered in order to please someone’s god, and the idea of indoctrinating a small child into any religion is pretty appalling (and we do it anyway). Having said that, the child cannot be made to believe something he doesn’t as he gets older, and it’s not a huge leap from any other community or family custom, apart from the physical ‘mark’ involved. A lot of global customs involve forced physical change.

    It’s a curious one. I see it more of a cultural obligation than a religious one, but I have no idea why this one is still being practised. It seems pretty insane.

    Individual freedom should always be favoured over religious obligation, but the ban of something so integral to a massive global faith would not end well. Change is best coming from within a community; forced, it’s usually seen as oppression, and a damn good excuse for extremism.

  • Claire Gleeson

    I don’t know, Lisa, while i’m all for religious freedoms I think a line has to be drawn somewhere. An irreversible surgical procedure on a baby is much more extreme than piercing your child’s ears or other ‘forced physical change’. We have no problem condemning female circumcision as genital mutilation, and rightly so; the fact that the male procedure doesn’t tend to have the same long-term side-effects isn’t a justification in itself, IMO.

    • http://www.lisamcinerney.com Lisa McInerney

      My own instinct is to explode in a rage and knock the mohel’s head off the nearest parent, but it’s such a long-standing custom practised by so many people, I’m
      über-sensitive about invalidating the experience or beliefs of the men who’ve had it done. Change is best coming from the religious communities themselves. For example, humanistic Jews don’t believe circumcision is necessary, as far as I know. Could be wrong, though.
      Female circumcision tends to be performed with a different end goal, doesn’t it (unless I’m very wrong), that being the suppression of female sexual desire (which, as many major world religions teach us, is WRONG and SCARY and EVIL). I can’t for the life of me figure out why they do it to male babies. I know it’s seen as ‘imperfect’ in God’s eyes not to have the foreskin removed, so… is it just an aesthetic thing?
      I didn’t mean pierced ears, by the way. 

  • Claire Gleeson

    No, I know that’s a trivial example, but I couldn’t think of any other way we routinely alter children’s bodies in an irreversible way without any sort of medical reason…?

    • http://www.lisamcinerney.com Lisa McInerney

      Ok, in fairness I’m thinking tribal customs and the like, so it’s clear I’ve gone a bit National Geographic on the whole thing. It’s so hard to be fair about this kind of thing, though, when there’s such a huge section of the population who feel it’s a cultural or religious obligation.

      Doctors used to perform circumcision in babies for medical reasons – up to fairly recently – but as far as I’m aware medical authorities now state that there is never any medical need to circumcise a baby.

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