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Opinion: Is Cheap Meat Really A Necessarily Evil?

Posted January 17, 2013 by Caitriona Redmond in Ramp Specials
Meat Prices Expected To Increase Higher Due To Midwest Flooding

As the producers, food safety authority (FSAI) and supermarkets concerned scramble to clean up the mess after horse meat was discovered in beef burgers, it’s only a matter of time before the finger pointing begins.

First in the line will be the producers, then their suppliers and then the supermarkets, and after that the finger will be pointed squarely at the consumer. The person who seeks these cheap cuts of meat, eats it and/or feeds it to their children. They must be the problem, mustn’t they?

Due to the recession and austerity measures implemented by the state, household income is on the decline. In the meantime, the cost of living on a day-to-day basis is on the increase. This is where the average householder is beginning to feel the pinch.

From a basic accounting point of view, we have fixed costs and variable costs. The fixed costs are those such as housing, heat, light, tax, commuting and insurance. The majority of these you have very little control over. You need to live somewhere, you need to have electricity to run appliances and you need to have heat, particularly in the cold weather.

When you live on a financial knife edge, there is no wiggle room. So we pare down the grocery budget.

The variable part of your budget is where your grocery budget slumbers, like a bear in hibernation. It dislikes being messed around with – you have to eat after all – and it gets very snarly when you have to restrict your discretionary spending. Maybe you have to go to see the GP, or get a blown-out tyre on your way to work. When you live on a financial knife edge, there is no wiggle room or chance to save for a rainy day, or ‘knocko’. So we turn to the grocery budget, pare it back and are left with less to spend on food.

So you make do. A cut-price burger is still meat, isn’t it? A family has to eat. Those who manage to grow their own food and rear their own meat are few and far between, particularly in urban areas.

For some, even heating or electricity have become a luxury when faced with other items they want to purchase, and unfortunately that was evident this week when two people died of hypothermia in Dublin City centre.

Where does the blame lie then for the demand for cheap food, or for people scrimping on necessities?

The desire to own our homes has been bred into the Irish people. The idea of losing our homes to the banks or bailiffs can be paralysing. This has led to people paying for housing first and leaving every other bill second, which invariably means that day-to-day living is eked out on a tight budget. The sensible option is to pay for groceries, light and heat first, and then allocate money to housing. You would be surprised how many people don’t do this.

Either way, as the race to the bottom continues, there is a very real chance that we will see yet another cut-price food scandal within the next three months, and if Ireland faces another severe snow event like we did two years ago, we will see a number of deaths that need not have happened.

If you see or feel that someone you know needs help or assistance, then reach out and don’t forget to check on vulnerable neighbours.

About the Author

Caitriona Redmond

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