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Interview: Kerbdog

Posted March 4, 2013 by Ann Cronin in Ramp Reviews

I sometimes lament my lack of maturity. I doodle cocks on people’s stuff, I laugh when the dog humps the other dog’s head, and I am routinely reduced to tears by dumb ass shit. I get called childish, but so what, I’d rather be laughing than reading the news.

In that vein, all work and no play makes us all dull boys. I walked into the Roisin Dubh in Galway last weekend to see a band I have not seen in 16 years. Suddenly, I remembered why people grow old… it’s because they stay at home and miss things like this.

And so I found myself packed into the Roisin with the most wondrous mix: dudes who looked like the shirt and tie had been strangling them for too long bouncing alongside the tattooed and the hipsterish in a sweat and pheromone ticking bomb.

You cant but love the Roisin. As a live venue it’s seen many metamorphoses over the years, and yet it has always remained the best little venue in the town. You don’t just see the band; you’re with them. And it’s not just the audience who feels it, because from the moment they got on stage, it was impossible knock the smiles off Cormac, Colin and Darragh’s faces.

The lads cycled through one classic track after another. The crowd swayed and bounced. A stray elbow knocked my friend’s pint over another reveler, who smiled and hugged her and said ‘You’re grand.’ I grinned. Over the years I’d gotten increasingly pissed off with the mosh pit morons who started turning up at gigs for a chance of agro. But this is how it should be.

It was, in all, a glorious night out. The sound was awesome, the band enjoyed every track and the audience showered them with sweat and appreciation. Rolling it up with an encore, Cormac raised his drink to Des Bishop.

‘Why do we drink, Des?’ he asked.

‘BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING FUN,’ he roared back.

I caught up with the guys after as they continued to have… fun, asking bassist Colin Fennelly what it was like to be back on the tour.

‘I love it, I’d never ever get tired of it. Some people say clinical trials on viagra they hate touring and I just love playing gigs. It makes you feel 20 years younger again and we’ve a great audience and we play some rocking tunes and it’s an antidote to your day to day.’

I asked him about people saying they’re too old to go back to gigs.

‘We get a really mixed crowd, it’s great. I spend my life going to where to buy viagra online safely gigs when I have the time. If I was cialis online cost to stop doing that then I would start getting old! I don’t feel buy viagra online old, I love going to generic cialis online see live bands and I love the vibe.’

Similar themes resonate with front man, Cormac Battle.

‘It gives life more meaning. Life is a blip, you have to enjoy it. You’ll be gone someday; why not have fun?’

Because he mentioned it, I asked Cormac about Des Bishop’s latest ‘look at ye paddies doing it wrong’ show.

‘I find it really patronising. The idea that we have a drink problem in Ireland is ill-informed. We drink not because it’s fun primarily, but life is short, life is hard, escape is necessary. I’ve experienced major horror; I find having a drink makes those [times] easier to cope with. It’s about balance.’

I asked him about the recent gigs. In between the steady stream of people coming up to shake his hand, he adds

‘Yeah, there’s an appetite for it. I love it, it’s better than sex. I’ve had some good sex but it never measures up to a gig like that; it takes you away from the mundane life we live.’

That’s quite a statement.

My science brain goes into meltdown. How can I get blood samples from him before, during and after a gig? How do I get blood samples from him before, during and after sex? Could you ever get a fMRI to wear during a gig? Would you mind having sex in a fMRI machine, Mr Battle?

I would assume it’s close to the effects of an opiate: a massive dopamine hit plus adrenalin, serotonin. Like having sex, but with the whole room. I cant wait to go home and write a paper on this. I’ve become a brain geek.

I wasn’t 37 at that gig. is there a generic viagra I was 18, and it was a good place to be for a few hours.

Comac adds:

‘People like us more now than in the ‘90s. The gigs are full, the crowd is great, it’s like a posthumous victory lap.’

Kerbdog are far from dead; indeed, death should be the only excuse you could generate not to catch them this time ‘round. Life’s hard, have some fucking fun.

Kerbdog play the Spirit Store Dundalk on Saturday the 9th of March and Dolans Warehouse, Limerick on the viagraonline-topstorerx 16th of March.

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