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Top Ten Reasons To Go To A City Festival

Posted June 13, 2012 by Laura in Ramp Lists

Festivals are great craic. You know what’s better craic? When said festivals are close to your house, removing the need for any of that effort nonsense. Here are the TOP 10 REASONS TO GO TO A CITY FESTIVAL.




1. You don’t have to live with dickheads for an entire weekend.

No buck eejits, there for the weekend just to get off their faces and cause upset to your happiness, roaming the campsite. Why? There is no campsite.

2. 10DaysInDublin

You like doing things, don’t you? Of course you do, you young rapscallion. 10DaysInDublin offers you assorted activities in Dublin including Comedy, Theatre, Film, Music and Art. You love those things because you are a sophisticated individual. Look at you, walking around, wearing shoes like some sort of Lord Byron. 10DaysInDublin is previewed by our own Sinéad here.

  • When?: July 5th-14th
  • Where?: Throughout Dublin City
  • How much?: For ticket prices and further information go to the official site.

 3. Taste of Dublin

This particular festival is an excuse to eat until you curse the day you were born. Treasure it. Taste of Dublin presents food, drinks and entertainment from over 20 of Dublin’s finest restaurants and 100 local and international producers. The festival will be opened by Jamie Oliver this year who will then give a live cooking demonstration. Take the opportunity to ask question his ridiculous measurements (“FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN. WHAT THE HELL IS A ‘SPLODGE’?”)

  • When?: 14-17 June
  • Where?: Meagh Gardens, Dublin
  • How much?: Tickets start from €20 and go up to €72.50. For further information, click here.

4. Sleep

Remember sleep? Sleep is something you don’t necessarily get when camping at a festival. It’s uncomfortable (your airbed has a hole in it and you are dramatically sinking towards the ground. The tent is like sitting inside a sweaty bollock. You cannot shake the fear that you have somehow zipped a spider inside your sleeping bag). It’s noisy (the distant yet comforting thump of bass from inside the arena is being drowned out by some arse with a guitar playing the only song he knows over and over). You begin to wish you were dead. At a city festival you can relax knowing you have a soft bed at home waiting for you.

5. Galway Arts Festival

The 35th Galway Arts Festival in well, Galway, presents theatre, dance, music, talks, art, comedy and street performances. This year the line-up includes Chic, James Vincent McMorrow, Lisa Hannigan, Reginald D. Hunter, Jason Byrne, Piff the Magic Dragon, The Coronas and Christy Moore.

  • When?: 16-29 July
  • Where?: Throughout Galway City
  • How much?: For ticket prices and further information, check out the programme.

6. Belsonic

Belsonic returns to Belfast for your entertainment and your money. Slowly growing in size each year, the festival aims to cater to all musical tastes. This year artists include Skrillex, Emeli Sande, Madness, Thin Lizzy, Paramore, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Two Door Cinema Club, Noah and the Whale, Tom Jones, James Morrison and David Guetta.

  • When?: 15-26 August
  • Where?: Custom House Square, Belfast
  • How much?: Tickets start at £33 (Around €38) with VIP Tickets priced around £49 (Around €57). For further information go to the site.

7. You can be clean.

Try as you might, no amount of baby wipes can remove the general feeling of ‘ick’. It’s hard to enjoy yourself when you feel like you just climbed out of a toilet. At a city festival you can have a shower (or bath) every morning and night if the feeling takes you, meaning you can safely waft your underarms anywhere you like without fear of strangers fainting from your foul scent.

8. Tall Ships Dublin

Dublin is the final host port for the imaginatively named Tall Ships. To mark the occasion, Tall Ships Dublin offers free family-friendly programmes in Grand Canal Square including water sports displays, food stalls, parades, street theatre, nautical themed installations and a free live music stage hosted by Bulmers (line up to be released in July) in George’s Dock. We suggest getting yourself a tricorne hat and insisting everyone calls you ‘The Cap’n’.

  • When?: 23-26 August
  • Where?: Quayside, Dublin
  • How much?: It’s free but for further information go to the site.

9. City Festivals are cheaper

Admission prices aside, think of all the crap you have to buy to camp at a festival. Mountains of bog roll. Tent pegs. Batteries for your flashlight. Insect repellent. At a city festival, you just buy your ticket and show up. Think of the money you spend at a festival when you are there for an entire weekend. The humble burger that cost you a pint of blood and the promise of your first-born child. The henna tattoos you convinced yourself would make you more worldly looking when you were pissed at 4am. The band t-shirt you’ll never wear twice because it shrinks in the first wash. The watery pint you queued an hour for because security caught you trying to smuggle a naggin in your underwear. The novelty flag you bought to help locate your tent that got stolen hours after you bought it. City festivals are substantially less financially demanding.

10. Galway International Oyster Festival

No one enjoys oysters. They look like genitalia and taste like misery. Those who claim to like oysters do so because they are trying to be fancy bastards or they hate themselves. The Galway International Oyster Festival, running since 1954, boasts events such as the Irish & World Oyster Opening Championships, the ‘Hot Oyster Awards’ Cooking Challenge and Mardi Gras. The festival offers a food village, music and entertainment and for those who choose not to try an oyster, there is always the Guinness. The lovely, lovely Guinness.

  • When?: September
  • Where?: Throughout Galway City
  • How much?: For ticket prices and further information, check out the festival schedule.

11. Considerably less mud.


About the Author


Laura likes stuff, enjoys things and hates surprises.

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