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Microwave Chips

Go Fork Yourself: Microwavable Chips

Oven chips are a glorious, delicious food for everyone to enjoy, whether crinkle-cut or regular, long and skinny or short and fat, crunchy or soft. They make the rest of your meal glow and your tummy smile. Then there are micro...


Go Fork Yourself: Cinnamon, Ranelagh, Dublin 6.

Cinnamon in Ranelagh have had their problems - calling a customer an 'arsehole' on Twitter was not the best move - but Seán finds that their food more than makes up for it.


Go Fork Yourself: The Secret Supper Experience

Stretch your culinary wings and eat-in at a strangers house. Our Will tests out News Of The Curd's secret suppers.

Lazy Days

Go Fork Yourself: Lazy Days Cafe, Blackrock, Dublin

Our Lazy Days review doesn't quite fit the standard Go Fork Yourself format. It's really more of a love letter born out of a hodge-podge of past experience.


Go Fork Yourself: Bobo’s, Dame Street, Dublin

Holy Cow they've only gone and opened a second Bobo's. Editors Sinéad and Lisa got together to check it out.


Go Fork Yourself: Dada Moroccan Restaurant, South William St

Tara visits Dada Moroccan Restaurant, on South William St for belly-busting, flavoursome dishes, gorgeous atmosphere... and one very inappropriate dessert.


Go Fork Yourself: Spice Burgers, Stuffed Pasta and Brown Sauce

Pride will be about the tastiest thing you swallow today.

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Go Fork Yourself: Aussie BBQ, Portobello, Dublin visits the new Aussie BBQ in Dublin 2 and experiences some teething troubles. Mostly caused by the burnt chips.