Go Fork Yourself: ‘Out Of Sight’ @ Pacino’s

Seán goes blind tasting at Pacino's with the Yelp crew.


Go Fork Yourself: Pacino’s, Suffolk St, Dublin 2

Pacino's can cater to those looking for the familiar and the new with the assurance of Italian cuisine.


Go Fork Yourself: Carluccio’s, Dawson St, Dublin 2

A handsome city centre restaurant makes a virtue of the simplicity of Italian food.


Go Fork Yourself: Spice Burgers, Stuffed Pasta and Brown Sauce

Pride will be about the tastiest thing you swallow today.

Little Wing Pizzeria

Go Fork Yourself: Little Wing Pizzeria, Belfast

It’s evident that Little Wing Pizzeria care about the quality of their ingredients, but it’s a shame they don’t dish out enough of them.