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Sinéad Keogh: Editor

Semi-affectionately referred to as ‘crouching tiger hidden wagon’, Sinéad is the bad cop of Ramp.ie. However, beneath her cold exterior lies a mushy, soft-hearted interior. She once went to World Youth Day but missed the Pope as she was asleep, face down in the middle of a field after walking 10km to the event site. This sums up her interaction with both organised religion and exercise over the past decade. Generally holding of the belief that not very many things are worth getting worked up over, she thinks that most bad tempered folk are ‘nothing a good ride wouldn’t sort out’ and would probably tell them as much with some fairly minor encouragement.

Sinéad likes college a lot and has collected qualifications in English, Journalism, Publishing, PR and Event Management from the likes of UCD and DIT. She works as a Senior Editor in online publishing and also edits books. She has contributed to a number of outlets such as The Dubliner, TheJournal.ie, Oxygen.ie, TodayFM and Newstalk. When not being a smart arse on paper, she sometimes does amateur stand up as she is also a big fan of talking. She was previously the Editor of award-winning pop culture site Culch.ie.

Email: sinead@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @sineadkeogh

Laura Carland: Humour Editor

Laura uses the fact that she is 100% biodegradable to hold firm to the claim that she’s an ‘environmentalist’, despite the fact that she hasn’t separated her waste since the last time the indigenous wildlife therein formed gangs and began a turf war over the wheelie bin. Replete with the most attractive accent out of all of Ramp.ie’s contributors and the mysterious allure of her wildchild penchant for pyromania (she’s in recovery), she has already learned the harsh lessons of playing with fire as she once, quite genuinely, suffered 3rd degree burns to her leg while attempting to make Rice Krispie buns.

Laura is a Belfast native who likes to write for her own amusement. She was a columnist for a local newspaper until they asked her to write about sport and then her head exploded. She has contributed photographs and articles to award-winning pop culture site Culch.ie and in 2010 won the Best Humour Blog award at the Irish Blog Awards for the now-defunct White Rabbit NI. Laura studied English Literature & Linguistics at Queens University Belfast but that does not necessarily mean she can spell.

Email: laura@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @ElleEmSee

Andrew Clarke: Sub-Editor

Andrew isn’t on Facebook, meaning most people assume he hasn’t heard of the Internet yet. He has, in fact, spent the last four years trying to get people to like him by talking about his feelings on his personal blog. It hasn’t worked, by and large, though he maintains that Will Smith was inspired to write ‘Boom! Shake the Room!’ after a night out with him on Camden Street. The best way to endear yourself to him is by asking questions about his beard, like “Do you comb it?” “Can I touch it? and “Do you fertilise it?” The answers are yes, yes, and no.

Andrew studied Biblical and Theological Studies in Trinity College Dublin, but has never once written about religion on the Internet. This is because he is afraid of fights.

Email: andrew@ramp [dot] ie

Seán Earley: Food Editor

Seán was conceived on a wet Thursday in a Dublin 2 office block. The love child of a shit-hot marketing department and an up-and-coming PR division, he was developed as a prototype – like the Knight Rider car or no-soak peas – to test the viability of using hipster robots to popularise stuff on Twitter.

Result? Resounding success.

Our Seán is a trusted source of information on all things cool and foody. He excels at snuggling his way into the best eateries and foodspots around Ireland. He was the first hipster robot to graduate from DCU with a BSc in Multimedia and now works on the glamorous world of PR at Slattery Communications. He previously worked at top Dublin radio stations FM104, Dublin’s Q102 and contributed to Culch.ie. He also’s responsible for all of Ramp.ie’s awesome graphics.

We were extremely excited to learn that, like Wall-E, he possesses the capacity to love. Aw.

Email: sean@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @seanear1ey

Rú Hickson: Science Editor

Following his release from custody after the Ha’penny Bridge poison ivy incident which left 7 dead, Rú has somehow managed to become a more useless member of society. Despite recently obtaining the Levasseur treasure, he bankrupted himself by trading the lot for every existing second-hand copy of Duke Nukem Forever – a pile he uses for the express purposes of urinating onto and crying over in an allegedly unhealthy, but surprisingly therapeutic, downward spiral.

Rú studied Maths at, and is currently researching in the field of Electrical Engineering for, DIT. He has written for Culch.ie and Drop-d.ie, and maintains his own blog for personal ramblings.

Email: ru@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @notruairi

Colm O’Brien: Games Editor

Born in Ireland at the tender young age of 0, Colm is an ardent fan of literature and computer games, and the curator of South County Wicklow’s third-finest head of hair. He is writing for Ramp.ie until such time as his patent on flavoured toilet paper starts paying dividends, could probably be convinced to throw a punch in defence of the honour of a Mastiff of his acquaintance, and likes shorts more than he used to.

Colm went to college in NUI Galway and UCD, and holds degrees in English and a slightly different kind of English. He has written for such outlets as Culch.ie and Film Ireland, and maintains his own site at emesq.com. Thrillingly, he is a listed author in the Trinity College Library, and presumably enjoys a stellar reputation in the bars and eateries of that venerable institution.

Email: colm@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @emordino / Website: emesq.com

Stephen Rooney: Tech Editor

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Stephen has a BA in History from UCD, a National Diploma in Media from BCFE and some stuff he nicked from a Scarecrow in Oz so he can assure people he does have a brain (just to be safe). Having written content for videogames like Legends of Zork, Playboy Party and Championship Manager, as well as various websites (including Gruupy.com and RateMyArea.com), he’s currently working as a freelance copywriter who will write pretty much anything for money, chocolate, or (ideally) chocolate money.

Email: stephen@ramp [dot] ie

Philip Bagnall

Philip is a country boy (Mayo born and bred), and thus came to Dublin with some interesting perspectives on life. For example, he is the only person on the planet who actually finds the opera singer from the Go Compare ads funny (don’t argue with him about this; there will be blood). He is also the only Irish protestant who doesn’t care for rugby, and is facing excommunication as a result. Subsisting exclusively on a diet of Walkers Crisps and Twinings Tea, Philip resides in the House of the Rising Sun. It’ll be the ruin of him.

Philip has an MA in Film Studies from UCD, and will take on any Transformers defender with little more than a withering snobby stare. By day, he is a public servant. By night, he’s usually too tired to do much, but occassionally writes things.

Email: philip@ramp [dot] ie

Chris Barrett

Chris is a Galwegian which means he’s miserable, cynical and cranky because of the constant rain. When he was a kid he was always in local newspapers for winning loads of quizzes because he was super smart. Now his only claim to fame is tourists mistaking him for a sickly Gok Wan. He has lived in Tipperary but is currently seeking to suppress the horrific memories of pretending to be a bogger. He’s lived a rather sheltered life and hasn’t met any famous people, which is probably a good thing because he’s socially awkward and would try to fight them for their shoelaces. It’s also rumoured that buying him Skittles is a ticket to him performing unmentionable sexual acts on you. So what are you waiting for? Go buy him Skittles!

Chris studied really boring subjects like Politics and Economics at NUI Galway before deciding it just wasn’t for him. He’s now taking a break to “find himself”, although anyone who knows him will tell you he can usually be found collapsed in the back of some bar smelling of urine and vodka. He’s been involved in debating and has travelled around the world judging people and telling them they’re shit. He maintains his own blog, Musings on the Mainstream, and occasionally writes for TeaandToast.ie.

Email: chris@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @cbairead / Website: Musings on the Mainstream

June Caldwell

June gets upset about junkies with Jack Russells, the smell of Irish sewers in summertime, and the insistence that the potato blight is still to blame for everything from the holes in politician’s jumpers to the over-reliance on foreign direct investment and tax breaks. She has a fetish for strange flowers, small cottages, breakfast muffins, sticky coffee, retro posters, turf fires, moonstones and blue nail varnish. It’s a bit embarassing to admit, but she craves lots of lovers because she can’t afford gym membership, but demands enough time to write disturbing short stories and grotesquely florid novels. 36% of voters think June should live alone in the West of Ireland staring at barnacles.

June has a BA in Writing & Publishing, postgrad in Journalism and MA in Creative Writing. Her day job is Programme Coordinator at the Irish Writers’ Centre, Dublin. She spent 14 years freelancing for UK & Irish press including: The Guardian, The Observer, Sunday Times, Sunday Life, Sunday Tribune, Sunday Business Post, Sunday Independent, Ireland on Sunday, Irish Independent, Woman’s Way, Garda Review, etc. She has been short-listed for a number of creative writing competitions and in 2011 won ‘Best Blog Post’ at the Irish Blog Awards, for a piece she wrote for renowned Irish feminist site, the AntiRoom.

Email: june@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @junecaldwell / Website: Shakespeare Couldn’t Email

Catherine Carr

Catherine often dreams about living in a tiny Parisian apartment and penning the next great novel of her generation until she remembers how impossible it is to get a decent cup of tea in France. When she grows up, she would like to be Tina Fey or Kristen Wiig. She also intends to marry Joseph Gordon Levitt and/or Matthew Grey Gubler. Catherine can often be heard telling people that she considers her greatest accomplishment to be the successful theft of a sombrero on a night out. If she was on Mastermind, her specialist topic would be the Eurovision or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Catherine has a BA in Journalism from DCU where she was Arts Editor for the campus newspaper The College View. She currently works in media monitoring and has written for RTÉ, Prudence,Confetti Bridal and House and Home. She started A Chick Named Hermia back in 2009, which was a finalist in the Best Personal Blog category at the Irish Blog Awards 2010 and a Best Lifestyle Blog finalist in 2011. It was also featured in Dubliner magazine. Now she’s just blogging for fun on her new site, The Serial Blogamist.

Email: catherine@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @SerialBlogamist

Kitty Catastrophe

Kitty once went to a Hallowe’en party dressed as Oscar the Grouch. That’s not true… she just fell asleep in a bin after a few too many glasses of punch from the hollowed-out pumpkin, turned green, and bit the first person to approach and offer help. Luckily, she didn’t do any damage cos it was her zombie boyfriend, Steve. If anything, he liked it. We made it sound real up until that last bit, didn’t we?

Kitty is a graphic designer and runs her own blog, Red Lemonade, where she rambles on about Sweet Valley High and other things that she likes. She is also a contributor to Beaut.ie and Where’s Grandad? and was listed as one of the “12 New Faces for 2012″ by Woman’s Way, which was rather lovely of them.

Twitter: @redlemonader / Website: Red Lemonade

Aedín Collins

Aedín displayed an early flair for writing, winning an award in the Limerick Write a Book contest aged 8 for The Adventures of Timmy the Tiger - a dark tale of jealously, betrayal and the ultimate revenge. As a grown-up, she tried to find herself on a remote beach in India, but discovered that she wasn’t actually lost. Disheartened, Aedín headed back to Ireland, where she practises acupuncture [insert own joke about a native of Limerick City finding a career that allows her to stab people for a living].

Aedín obtained a B.A.in Media & Communication Studies and French from Mary Immaculate College, and contributed to the campus newspaper while she was there, for the craic. Having done her time in radio journalism and the entrepreneurial rat race, she now resides in Galway with her French partner (who reminded her why she chose to study French in the first place) and their baby daughter. She writes her own blog, miniandmum, in between running her acupuncture clinic and using her B in Junior Cert Science to come up with some kind of chemical equation that will enable sunlight to pierce the grey, Irish skies. She feels she’s close to cracking that last one.

Email: aedin@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @miniandmum / Website: miniandmum.blogspot.ie

Ellen Coyne

When she was 5, Ellen met Dana. Since then her life has been understandably anti-climactic. She moved to the UK under the misconception that all British men are of either the Hugh Grant or the Colin Firth variety. Disappointed and considering a lawsuit against Helen Fielding, she settled in Cardiff following the discovery of a place which sells Club Orange over there. She has been misrepresenting Irish people abroad in the two years since. She enjoys airports and newspapers. If she can read a newspaper in an airport, she is just happy as a clam.

Ellen is about to start the final year of her Journalism degree in University of Glamorgan, Cardiff. She’s just set up her own newspaper for students in Cardiff which is launching in September and she’s working on a documentary on whether love is real or not (perhaps she could ask hipster robot Seán). She’s contributed to The DublinerThe Herald and Broadsheet.ie, lent her voice to Beat 102-103, and worked off her sins in one of those terrible promo teams you see roaming the streets and being cheerful. She runs a couple of personal blogs and is spending the summer interning like the trooper she is for The Sunday TimesThe Times, a newspaper in Sweden, and various other papers across the UK.

Email: ellen@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @ellenmcoyne

Ann Cronin

Ann recently discovered the secret of steel and now spends her free time crushing her enemies and listening to the lamentation of their women. Theses ‘enemies’ include people who talk during a film and skinny people who complain that they’re fat. She enjoys kitsch, gingers, pugs, tattoos, freaks, hairy babies, driving like a teenage boy, geekery and nerdfullness with equal abandon. Nathan Fillion once proposed to her but she wasn’t in the mood … her memory is fallible.

Ann studied Psychology in UL graduating top of her class. She is a regular contributor to radio and press in Ireland, and has been published in sociology and psychology journals. As well as being an accomplished artist, Ann is a training specialist involved in learning and development for over 15 years, creating experiences that enrich and embolden lives. Ann uses evidence-based practice to make it all better. 

Email: ann@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @dabarbarian

Aidan Cuffe

Aidan believes in past lives and is fully convinced that he used to be a go-go dancer named Louise who toured the vaudeville circuit at the turn of the century. His occasional ‘episodes’ often result in him wrapping himself in the tasselled tie-backs off his living room curtains and shimmying provocatively. Largely, this is an enjoyable experience for all concerned cos he’s got moves like you ain’t never seen…

Aidan Cuffe is the guy behind famed Irish music website Goldenplec.com. He also hosts a show on RTÉ’s Digital Station 2XM and has been known to organise excellent gigs. He is an IT bloke in real life.

Email: aidan@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @dionsis / Website: Goldenplec.com

Rob Cumiskey

Contrariamente a la opinión popular, Rob no es el “Space Jockey”, ni ha tenido nada que ver con la disminución de las ventas de pagers en los últimos años.

Rob is a UCD Commerce graduate, but don’t hold that against him. He is currently Community Manager for Dublin start-up, Hailo and looks after their online community and content. Rob was nominated for an Irish Blog award in 2010 with his pop culture blog, Venntertainment.com (but didn’t win!). He plays for Dublin band Pony Club and has another music project coming very soon. He has a cat named Penguin, and enjoys avoiding exercise and then feeling guilty about it.

Email: robc@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @robcumiskey

Marie Dromey

Marie is a Psychology student from Cork. She finds commitment to be a daunting thing and thus refuses loyalty cards in coffee shops. She once swapped out raisins for blueberries in a Bread and Butter Pudding recipe and henceforth has considered herself to be one of those ‘creative types’.

Marie completed her undergraduate in UCC in Applied Psychology. She will most likely be furthering her studies in Psychology with the view to eventually becoming employable in some shape or form. Until then, she has found that a third-level degree in Psychology has just about provided her with enough expertise to teach her puppy how to sit on command.

Twitter: @marzabar

Paul Fennessy

Ever since his fourth year Guidance Counsellor asked him what he wanted to do with his life and he couldn’t think of anything better to say, Paul has had a passionate commitment to journalism – a passion which was mainly fuelled by his love of terrible puns. His favourite example was in a film review of Oliver Stone’s – a review which he entitled ‘WTF’. He has been trying and failing to top that ever since. Paul also enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

Paul is a freelance journalist and regular Journal.ie contributor. He has also written for The Irish Times, Balcony TV and his personal blog, in addition to being a former editor of The University Observer in UCD, as well as completing his BA in Arts and MA in American Literature there. He has interviewed a diverse range of sports and entertainment personalities including James Blunt, John Hurt, Mike Skinner, Tommy Tiernan, John C McGinley, Emma Donoghue, Jonathan Sexton, Sonia O’Sullivan and Aaron Eckhart, though nothing has ever come close to the thrill of once randomly running into Phil Babb at an Ireland match.

Email: paulf@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @fenno21

John Finn

John amounts to little more than the sum of his parts and frankly those parts are quite shabby. As a child, he regularly competed in school sports days but decided against a career in professional sport due to a lack of coordination and a preference for sitting in a dark room playing his Commodore 64. As an adult he has excelled at being tall and drinking tea. Until the age of 25 he believed he would grow up to become a Ghostbuster.

John studied History and Computer Science at UCD and now turns things off and back on again for a living. He has written for Culch.ie and claims to have read many leather-bound books. He was last seen entering a restroom carrying a copy of The Beano.

Email: johnmfinn@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @johnmfinn

Will Fitzgerald

Will once dressed up in chain mail for a wintertime fancy dress party. Revellers emerged at 2am to discover snow had fallen, and he was forced to remove his costume and allow it to be used as rudimentary snow chains for the assembled cars. Miraculously, he did not die of frostbite on the naked walk home. Can you believe none of the pricks gave him a lift?

Will moved from Tipperary to Galway to get a science degree and seven years later left with a degree in Film and TV. Now he wants to be a writer, or perhaps Sam Seaborn, when he grows up.

Email: willf@ramp [dot] ie

Jenny Foxe

Jenny thinks the world would be a much better place if we all had musicians following us around playing appropriate music. She is currently auditioning double bass players for the role. The successful applicant must be prepared for moods ranging from quiet sophistication to hysteria and have something in his or her repertoire that goes well with ‘pirate’.

Jenny has a BA in Sociology and Linguistics from UCD and a Postgrad Cert in Publishing Studies from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. She’s also collected various Fetac certs in everything from Healthy Eating to Business Planning. She’s worked as an actor, a teacher, and an education administrator and is currently a breastfeeding counsellor and a mum, neither of which she gets paid for. She’s contributed to Culch.ie, TheAntiroom and the HSE’s breastfeeding.ie and no, she didn’t get paid for those either.

Twitter: @jennyfoxe

Claire Gleeson

A reporter from Arena once nabbed Claire in the Waterstone’s cafe and forced her to record a passage from the book she was reading. She was too embarrassed to find out if it ever aired. She’s also done one scene as an extra in Fair City, circa 2003. That makes us 86% certain that Claire has more broadcasting experience than you, so stop judging her. Stop judging Claire.

Claire is a Trinity medical graduate, an ex-debater, and secretary of her book club/very own literary empire. She’s also just married. Aww.

Email: claire@ramp [dot] ie

Paul Hickey

If you catch him on a normal day, Paul is one of the happiest people you could ever wish to meet. It’s not that he’s too quirky, but he does spend way too much time thinking for his own good, sometimes even staring majestically out to sea as he ruminates. Paul loves film, video games, music and reading. He rows a big boat (majestically out to sea), runs a lot and, when he is not crippled with injury/rumination/majesty, goes to the gym. Suitors, form an orderly queue.

Paul studied Public Relations & Event Management. He has contributed as a features and reviews writer for Venntertainment.com and Culch.ie. He has held such delightful occupations as Doorman, Pizza Chef and Insurance Salesperson. Paul is also a qualified skydiver. He asked that we underline that.

Email: paul@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @manofsteel_irl

James Kelly

James has had an irrational fear of eggs ever since he was told that they don’t contain any carbohydrates, a situation which he notably described as “weird and against God’. Judging by the criteria, we’re not sure why he isn’t afraid of models.

James  recently completed his B.A. in History and Political Science from Trinity College, Dublin. After a brief stint in Google and an existential crisis that lasted a week, he has enrolled as a Masters student in DIT. James has written for the campus newspapers in Trinity, serving as TV Editor for cultural magazine TN2 in 2010-11. It’s all been downhill since then. His other fears include being forced to leave Dublin and paradoxically, never leaving Dublin.

Neil Markey

Neil was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when he met you. We picked him out, shook him up, and turned him into something new. Read: sex change.

News and current events nerd who likes cats and fighting with politicians on the internet, Neil is part scamp, part mean ol’ man. He’s the boss over at Krank.ie.


Email: neil@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @nerin_ Website: Krank.ie

Mark Matanes

Half dope as fuck and half turbo-nerd, this Bostonian abroad brags at having been to more gigs than smuggled booze. An ex radio presenter, failed comic and inventor of the courtesy flush, he has worked tirelessly at perfecting the ancient art of being pretty fly for a white guy since the tender age of Tenderoni. His skills include: holding a black belt in karaoke, having a perfect score in Twitter and being the inspirational sandwich coach of the Wu Tang Clan.

Mark holds a BA in English & Theatre Studies, a minor degree in Astronomy, and a BSc in Business Management. He has been making mixtapes since his teens under many different names (Helsey Duster, Xtra Dope Pink Hoodie & INDIE &a JONEZ to name a few). He has shared a smoke with Michael J. Fox, cooked for Bill Clinton, spoken to Robert Plant about the 70′s and had John Cusack root through his music collection, constantly asking the question – “Where did you find this?”. He is also a rapper called Xtra Dope. You heard us.

Twitter: @INDIEandaJONEZ

Barry Moroney

A daredevil at heart, Barry often eats large amounts of cheese before going to bed to break the monotony of a peaceful seven hour sleep.

After four years of college, and with a BA English and History degree from University of Limerick in his paw, Barry realised he wasn’t qualified to cross the road. Upon completion of a Masters in Marketing from Dublin Business School, Barry prostituted himself in sales for a period, before immersing himself in golf marketing. For fun, Barry writes an observational humour blog at The Raving Moroney.

Email: barry@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @barrymoroney / Website: The Raving Moroney

Karen Mulreid

Karen once slipped on a banana skin on Moore Street, pulling a muscle in her back, and lay on the ground for a full six minutes while people stepped over her and went about their business. She’s never forgotten that and has made it her life’s work to hunt down every single person who walked past that day and beat them to death with their own shoe. In her free time she enjoys reading, watching trashy television and annoying her husband.

Karen has a Media National Diploma in Broadcasting and Journalism. She worked as a full-time news journalist with The Echo in Tallaght for seven years, and has contributed to The Star, the Sunday World, The Mirror and the Irish Examiner and has freelanced for The Metro and trade magazine Council Review. She is a certified Adult Literacy Tutor and has run a number of workshops with The Base, a youth organisation in Ballyfermot, teaching at-risk teens journalism and literacy skills. Karen contributed to the Dublin Community Blog, which won the Best Group Blog at the Irish Blog Awards and has also contributed to Beaut.ie. Her personal blog, Beating Myself Into a Dress, was featured in B Magazine as a go-to blog when wedding planning.

Email: karen@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @beatingblog / Website: Beating Myself Into A Dress

Dee Murphy

Dee is the original cat lady. It is from her that other cat ladies draw both their inspiration and their terrifying, terrifying powers. She once put out an entire towering inferno by commanding every tom within a fifteen-mile radius to mark the flames, and remains perplexed that city management were less than thrilled with the malodorous conclusion. But she’s no one-trick pussycat; Dee also enjoys ranting, raving, and throwing her toys out of the pram. Not that she’s doing that right now. In fact, she’s feline fine. Feline. No? Oh, ok.

Dee has a BA in Journalism from Griffith College Cork, a certificate in Film from St Johns’ Central College and a certificate in Psychology from NUI Maynooth. She previously wrote for the Evening Echo and the Corkonian (until it closed down. Not Dee’s fault. Stop looking at her like that). She’s also versed in TV and radio presenting, radio station management, and making delicious sandwiches.

Email: dee@ramp [dot] ie

Sue Murphy

Sue wanted to be Batman when she was younger, Catwoman a close second, and then Cleopatra. When that didn’t happen, and when Batman and Robin came out, she decided it might be an idea to watch some other films. Sue is never happier than when she’s creepily sitting in a darkened cinema perving on a big screen. Yes, it’s a problem, but luckily people have felt sorry for her disease and have employed her over the years to discuss this “hobby”. If you don’t watch films, she has nothing to talk to you about. If you say that your favourite film is The Notebook, your “friendship” ends here. She worships at the altar of Christopher Nolan, says Clark Gable is still THE man, and has a serious girl crush on Emma Stone (It’s not a crush, she interjects. I love her!). There’s movies and not a lot else… Except cake. Sue likes cake.

Sue Murphy has a  Masters in Film Theory and History, a Diploma in Sound Engineering and Music Technology, a Masters in Classical Civilizations, and a B.A. Degree in Arts, History and Classical Civilizations. She’s written for Den Of Geek, ifi.ie, Flickfeast.co.uk, Culch.ie and over on her own blog, You’ve Been Sued. She’s contributed to Newstalk, RTE Pulse, and was the producer of We Love Movies on Spin 1038. Yes, Sue likes films.

Email: sue@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @illsueya / Website: You’ve Been Sued

Justin McDaid

Justin was once compared to a summer’s day. Sadly, we live in Ireland, so he’s overcast and soggy.

Justin has an MA in archaeology that he doesn’t use, but he has perfected the consistency of scrambled eggs. He has written for goldenplec.com and cockandbulltv.com and would go to gigs every night if he didn’t have to work to get money to go to gigs on the nights he doesn’t have to work.

Twitter: @justysir

Kev McLean

Born and raised and – for his sins – still living in Belfast, Kev is an official honest-to-god philosopher; he obtained a very special degree which names him so. He enjoys having heartfelt discussions about comics and books with his cat, Husker, whom at this point has yet to offer an opinion. This can only mean Kev is always right.

Kev attended Queen’s University Belfast where he obtained a degree in Philosophy. This left him particularly qualified for his current profession of Software Development and Maintenance for a sizable American company. This involves him fixing multi-million dollar problems with the motto ‘Maybe just trying to switch it off and on again?’

Twitter: @kevmclean

Joe McManus

Philosopher. Bon Viveur. Trying to Get Divorced. Living in a Shithole.

Industry: Human Resources. Occupation: Escapologist. Interests: Scotch whisky, Cuban cigars, and hardcore pornography (preferably girl-on-girl action). Favorite Movies: Man Bites Dog. Salo. The Sound of Music. Favorite Music: Willie Nelson back in the day. Favorite Books: Butchershop in the Sky. The Vagina Monologues, and anything by Andrea Dworkin.


Baby gravy train enthusiast and CIA operative Joe McManus (not his real name) is here to introduce you to his world of crafty yanks, super spooks and summary injustices. Everything else is on a need-to-know basis.

Email: mcmanus53@gmail [dot] com

Will O’Keeffe

Will is a Corkman living in Dublin. He is a huge Superman fan and has done 4 bungee jumps … which only served to make his fear of heights even worse.

Will works as a civil servant… i.e. moving paper around a desk all day. He has written for Film Ireland, blogs in a personal capacity, and has mastered the public sector art of writing a lot and saying nothing. He was previously a movie reviewer for Culch.ie.

Email: will@ramp [dot] ie

Shane O’Leary

Born at a young age, Shane is a failed sportsman, with designs on being a failed online sports journalist. He enjoys internet shitfights, holds a special affection for internet superhero Boo The Dog, and is a sushi addict. Shane is also an avid Irish rugby supporter, with a spectacular phobia of cardboard (no, really). He once worked in a bra factory. It’s not nearly as fun as it sounds.

Shane studied Business and Management in D.I.T., has previously written for Ireland.com and currently works in digital marketing for a progressive Dublin agency, while maintaining his own blog for marketing related ramblings. 

Email: shaneoleary1@gmail [dot] com / Twitter: @shaneoleary1 / Website: Shaneoleary.me

Cáit Power

Cáit has many claims to fame. She once touched Beyoncé’s leg, she saw Duke Special fall out of a hammock, she won a prize on some RTÉ afternoon show and she made Cowen spit bullets after asking a particularly awkward question. She loves to talk about herself in the third person. Cáit left the green, green grass of Ireland in 2010 and now lives in Bizarro World, or as squares call it, Athens, Greece.

Cáit studied radio production in BCFE, before going on to work for a couple of newspapers and radio stations across Ireland. Right now, she’s an alarmingly good content writer for a travel company based in Athens and is a sometime radio contributor. She (poorly) maintains Raptureponies, the former Irish Blog Awards Pop Culture winner, which has been listed in the Guardian, Irish Times and Irish Independent. Who knew pop culture could go so far?

Email: cait@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @raptureponies / Wesbite: Raptureponies

Tara Power

Tara grew up working in her dad’s pizzeria, which has given her Attitude about restaurant food. She refuses to order anything she can already make at home, which makes her a fantastic Come Dine With Me contestant but a very awkward date. Being Ramp.ie’s resident chic foodie, she relocated to Paris but couldn’t hack its foodie chic because she missed the sea too much, which makes her approximately 80% more poetic than you. She served time as a retail professional, which has left her with an abiding resentment of all mankind. These days, you’ll mostly see her whispering her plans for chic retribution into the ears of her Boxer puppy, who may or may not be wearing eyeliner.

Tara has a degree in psychology, a flair for lasagne and a way with a mascara wand. Sick of hearing her harp on about war-paint and grub, her friends urged her to set up her own blog, where she honed her literary skills. She plans to take a professional make-up artistry course so she can concentrate on making you look almost as chic as she does. She also knows The Office like the back of her hand.

Email: tara@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @powertara / Website: Beauty And The Binge

Jen Ronan

Jen Ronan first realised how words can change the world when, at age 9, she got the words ‘erratic’ and ‘erotic’ mixed up and proceeded to give her father a heart attack while describing a pilot’s flying style. Since then she has used words in a number of social situations, and wants to share them with the readers of Ramp.ie for their delight and wonderment. She loves roller derby, tattoos and metal gigs at night, while by day helping to forge the minds of a future generation as a primary teacher. She also has a secret life as a singer/songwriter, which is revealed here if you feel like listening. She’s super-psyched about joining the genius minds of Ramp.ie, and hopes they will have many cups of tea and Tayto sammitches together as they build up their empire.

Jen Ronan is a primary school teacher who has also studied Music, Management & Sound in Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa, Cork. She is a regular contributor to Where’s Grandad?, and also runs her own blog called ‘The House of J-Ro’. She has been published in Molten, Ireland’s only dedicated monthly heavy metal music magazine, reviewing new albums and writing about local venues and gigs in Limerick City.

Twitter: @JayRow / Website: The House Of J-Ro

Martyn Rosney

[Insert nostalgic 90s childhood reference here so people can identify with Rosney.]

Rosney spent his undergraduateship in UCC doing Commerce. He topped that with a Masters in PR in DIT.  He works in PR and his writing has been featured in most media outlets in Ireland although you won’t know that because he usually writes under his pseudonym: “Press Release”.

Email: rosney@ramp [dot] ie /  Twitter: @martynrosney

Emily Ross

Emily is a writer and digital geek, trapped in the body of an aging circus performer.  Her first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum.  At the age of 9 she had a 60wpm typing speed and a chronic 2000AD habit.  She studied Science in Trinity, moonlighting in call-centres that indulged her secret fondness for databases.  And then because it seemed like a good idea, she took up professional fire performance, working in clubs and for TV and film. There was a brief, frighteningly damp stint as a knife thrower’s assistant.  She went on to set up her own PR & Events firm specialising in trapeze, contortion and fire.  It was nice, but left her with an inability to travel anywhere without Gaffer tape. She can make you a bra out of it.  Or she’ll show you hers.

Emily is a qualified PR professional and member of the NUJ.  She has written for Image, The Gloss, The Irish Times and more. She lectures in Digital and Social Media, collects tattoos and words that make her feel funny, and is Director of Client Services for Ireland’s funkiest digital marketing agency, Digino.com.  She likes shoes, double spaces after a full stop, and playing the ukulele.

Email: emily@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @emilyjaneross

Nadene Ryan

Nadene’s claim to fame is that she once asked Dustin Hoffman how he would describe himself in bed, while on The Graham Norton Show (his answer was ‘Little Big Man’). Originally from Nenagh in Co. Tipperary, Nadene’s love of music drove her to the capital where, she says, the music scene is On Fire! She loves nothing more than going to gigs and festivals, and discovering and blogging about up-and-coming bands. Some of her favourite at the minute are ASIWYFA, Tune Yards, and M83. She hopes someday to live in a world where the majority of media directed at women isn’t brimming with superficial nonsense. Until then, she’s happy to rant about it to whatever poor soul will listen.

Nadene studied Journalism in UL and has contributed to Hot Press, The Nenagh Guardian, ThePaddy.ie, The Marketplace Magazine, The Limerick Leader, and maintains her own music blog. Aside from writing about music, her main areas of interest are in arts, entertainment and lifestyle.

Email: nadene@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @NadeneR

Andrew Stanley

Andrew likes every sport under the sun. From sitting watching five days of cricket while interspersing with flicking channels to see what’s happening in Formula 1 qualifying sessions and the latest AFL scores he can’t get enough of it. He sometimes makes things up in biographies and likes to see if people can guess which parts are true. He is a millionaire. He owns a castle. He has alopecia everywhere on his body except for his head. He loves watching Made In Chelsea. He summers in the Hamptons. Delightful.

Andrew learnt to read and write at St. Colmcilles BNS in Swords and this has held him in good stead since. He was the sports reporter on RTE’s TTV for a while and is a regular contributor on Phantom, 98fm, and 2fm amongst others. He has written for entertainment.ie, culch.ie, joe.ie, chortle.co.uk and more. He also starred in his own TV show on RTE 2 called I Dare Ya and has done stand up on loads of telly things you might have seen.

Email: astanley@ramp [dot] ie / Twittter: @astanleycomedy

Ramp.ie Historical Society

Lisa McInerney: Former Editor

Lisa’s soul is so damn sensitive, she has to invent and occupy parallel universes just to spread herself evenly. This is also known as being a frustrated novelist. It is for this reason she appreciates being sent cake and iTunes vouchers, so get wrapping. As co-editor of Ramp.ie, she enjoys hipster-folk, oblique references, and the gentle sound of an apostrophe snuggling into its proper place. She learned the word “sporadically” from Clueless, and has endeavoured to use it sporadically ever since. 47% of voters think Lisa is not tough enough on gun crime.

Lisa studied English at UCC. She is a columnist for The Journal.ie and has contributed to The Dubliner, The Anti-Room and Newstalk. She has spoken at literary festivals both at home and in the US and took home the award for Best Humour at the Irish Blog Awards 2009. She was previously the Deputy Editor of award-winning pop culture site Culch.ie.

Email: lisa@ramp [dot] ie / Twitter: @SwearyLady

With Thanks To:

Amber Doyle, Tynan Hooper, Róisín Moloney, Jennifer McShane, Hayley Reynolds, Conor Ross-Magahy, and Aoife Valentine.

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