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Sure would you not have a small bit?



Opinion: Fifty Shades of Grau

Angela Merkel Europe's 'whipping girl'? Not likely. Though June Caldwell suggests that there might be more than a cheeky slap of truth in the sadomasochism metaphor.

Buffy and Angel

Opinion: Something With A Bit Of Bite

Everyone's had a rant about how Stephenie Meyer ruined vampires, but for good reason. Writers can’t just change the rules of the genre to suit. If you want to make a vampire a good guy, you have to make the legend work for you.

Enda The Engine

Opinion: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.

What’s happening right now, in the name of the common good, is fiscally short-sighted at best, Lovecraftian horror at worst.


Opinion: Planet Of The Apes

Punishing the masses for the sins of the few, asking them to choke down their stale bread and like the fucking taste of it, is not the way to claw back a nation state we can all be proud of. Surely any ape can see that?


Opinion: My Love Is Selfish, And It Cares Not Who It Hurts

In Ireland, the Catholic church has done disproportionate damage; it’s created a political culture where first allegiance was to a hypocritical “faith”, not to the State itself.


Opinion: Mouthing About A Gift House

What do you do, if you don’t want to raise your children in an area where underage drinking and hard drug use are the norm, where girls are expected to get pregnant and host house parties, and boys are expected to brawl their...


Opinion: In Demand

Some people say that women deserve better than abortion. Of course we do. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need abortion. But this is not an ideal world.


Sweary’s Jaw: Cocooned Buffoon.

Allowing your talentless teen to record a vanity track and release it on the net is like giving Walter Mitty a F-22 Raptor and a map of China.


Sweary’s Jaw: Lana Del Meh.

Why is it so hard for people to accept that entertainers frequently – and validly – embellish their characters in order to successfully sell their art?


Sweary’s Jaw: All Your Gotye Are Belong To Us

Gotye is no longer a mere popstar. Gotye has become a living meme.


Sweary’s Jaw: A Lowe Blow

Why so rabid, Bey fans? Is it that this over-exuberant Lowe-hate stems from people being just too damn defensive about their musical tastes?


Sweary’s Jaw: The Democratisation Of Celebrity Arrives … Slowly.

The fact that celebrity can now be gained, however fleetingly, without a squad of professional media manipulators on the payroll is both refreshing and disturbing.

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