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On The Rampage

On The Rampage: Twitter Is Turning Us All Into Anti-Christs

Twitter does more than just change how we communicate. It shows us what horrible people we all are. Yes, we're guilty of these crimes. I'm guilty too. No one said there wouldn't be self-loathing.


On the Rampage: Friend Charity

Have your friends been demanding cash to go on ego-massaging opportunistic stilt walking challenges or other ridiculous pursuits in the name of 'charity'? Don't worry, we think they're dickheads too.

U.S. pop singer Madonna performs during a concert for her MDNA world tour at the Stade de France Stadium in Saint-Denis, near Paris

On The Rampage: Madge, Put Some Clothes On, I Can’t Concentrate…

She dresses provocatively, has a fondness for empty publicity stunts, is a temptress of men and is no spring chicken. Madonna gives our Sue reason to retire to the fainting couch.

Cease and Desist

On The Rampage: Cease And Desist, America, Or At Least Ask Nicely

Skins, Men Behaving Badly, Absolutely Fabulous, The IT Crowd, Shameless... and now The Inbetweeners? America! Cease and desist with the unnessary TV show remakes!


On the Rampage: Internships and Work Experience

Why should people starting out in their careers have to work for free with no guarantee of the touted benefits - contacts and actual work experience? Sue proposes a revolution.


On The Rampage: Dates are just a losing prospect generally

Yeah, yeah, the great gender divide is all well and good, but what's it like in the scary world of dating when you're an elusive abstract concept?


On The Rampage: Worse First Date

Our intrepid reporter Barry recently uncovered an email from a caddish chap complaining about a disastrous first date. And then this found its way into our eds' inbox...


On The Rampage: No Sex Please, We’re Buddies

Men and women can't be friends? Nonsense. They said the same about Elton John and Eminem and that turned out ok.


On The Rampage: Bad First Date

The following is an email sent from a young professional male to his female friend, after said female friend set him up on a blind date. The date did not go well.


On The Rampage: Women Have Always Been Funny. And Chauvinists Have Always Been Dumb.

Prove to me that women are funny, said Hector. Why is the notion that the ability to conceive and deliver a punchline is an exclusively male talent often accepted, not just by eejits, but by seemingly intelligent individuals?

On The Rampage - Facebook

On The Rampage: Facebook Annoyances

At no stage will you be subjected to a complete dissing of Facebook here, but there are times when grievances must be aired about certain aspects of Zuckerberg's ship, and this is one of those times.


On The Rampage: Seasonable Unreasonable

I simply can’t be doing with the summer at all. I don’t want one. No. And I don’t care that you disapprove of my not wanting one. The summer can go jam itself in a mossy cavern and never come back. Why? Wasps are why.

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