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Sure would you not have a small bit?


Do Over

Do Over: Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager is, statistically-speaking, the Star Trek you most likely grew up with. For this particular Do Over, our Rú has removed his rose-tinted glasses.

Grim Fandango FI

Do Over: Grim Fandango

If one were to seek definitive proof that video games are as valid an artform as any other, they need look no further than 1998's Grim Fandango. Niall Gosker replays a classic.


Do Over: Home Alone

From the John Williams score to the John Hughes script and with quintessential child star Macauley Culkin leading the charge of stellar performances, how could you not love heartwarming Home Alone?

Into The West Tir na nOg

Do Over: Into The West

Into The West: a magical tale of love, family and culture? Or a miserable journey through a land full of corruption, squalor and Very Bad Hats? We Do Over an Irish classic.


Do Over: Psycho

What better time to revisit Hitchcock's classic Psycho than during the spooky season? Will pays tribute to the film that started his love of cinema.


Do Over: Retro Theatre Review: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers World Tour Live on Stage – 1994

It's not easy being a superhero, but every so often this writer likes to take a break from saving the world, travel back in time and watch a classic kids' TV show come to the stage. Oh yes, it's Morphin' time.


Do Over: Last Of The Summer Wine

A gentle romp, but a romp nonetheless. Justin remembers the Dionysian idyll of Last Of The Summer Wine.

Final Fantasy VIII

Do Over: Final Fantasy VIII

Destiny, time travel, evil women with elaborate headdresses and a vicious bastard hero who likes to tell distressed people to go talk to walls: we replay misunderstood gem Final Fantasy VIII.


Do Over: Oz

Whatevs to Scum, Porridge and Prisoner: Cell Block H... there ain't never been a prison drama to match up to Oz.


Do Over: In Defence of Deep Space 9

Last week, our Rú wrote an unflattering Do Over on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which prompted one of our readers to set horrified pen to appalled paper.


Do Over: Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Star Trekkin' across the universe! Boldly goin' for- err, wait... wait a minute, I've got this... there we go... Star Trekkin' in one inanimate space. Boldly warrin', drinkin', punching Jem'Hadar in the face.

My So-Called Life

Do Over: My So-Called Life

That floppy bowl cut, those doe eyes, the way he always leaned against stuff. For awkward, never-been-kissed teenagers in the mid '90s, My So-Called Life's Jordan Catalano was everything we'd ever dreamed of.

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