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Popped Culture

Popped Culture: Kim Jong-Un Really Just Wants to Be a Bond Villain

He's mad. He's fat. He's got cake on his SAT. Kim Jong-Un! Tra-la! The mod-haired North Korean supremo may not carry respect outside of his borders, but that's because he's an amalgam of every camp Bond Villain ever.

Rinoa and Squall hug

Popped Culture: Final Fantasy’s Great Romance Is Doomed

Final Fantasy VIII is the big romance of the FF series, so it's kind of depressing that there isn't a hope in hell Squall and Rinoa will make it.

Samuel Is A Right Bollocks

Popped Culture: The Moral Compass Of Dishonored Is An Amoral Piece Of Shit

Dishonored is a game of such murky morals that it was a relief to find at least one good egg amongst the revolutionaries and assassins: Samuel the boatman. Oh no, wait. He's a dick.

Han Solo Shot First

Popped Culture: Han Solo Is A Dudebro PUA And You’re An Enabler

Oh, so Han Solo's cool? Han Solo the bitchy, insecure, violent rageaholic? Cool story, bro.

The Walking Dead

Popped Culture: No Flies on Those Zombies

Of course we can learn a lot about ourselves by playing zombie survival games, says CiarĂ¡n. There are plenty of parallels between the ravenous hordes and... well, zombies.

Miles O'Brien and Shock Comedy

Popped Culture: Deep Space Shock Comedy

Shock Comedy: sometimes it's hard to know when it's ok to laugh. How do we navigate through the mire? Why, via the medium of Deep Space 9's Miles O'Brien!


Popped Culture: Doctor Who – Why We Can All Learn From A 900-Year-Old Alien

Parents! Why are you still spending money on schoolbooks? Andy reckons there's no need; everything worth knowing can be learned from Doctor Who.

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