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Ramp Lists

Music: Iron Maiden – A Discography, Ranked

They have one of the greatest discographies in all of metal, and so Ramp resident Iron Maiden nutjob Niall counts down their finest releases.

Tom Cruise

Movies: The Top 12 Tom Cruise Films

Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise is a genuine superstar, and here are 12 roles that prove it.

Back to the Future

Top Ten Futures That Won’t Happen, Probably

The future. It's here. No, now it's here. No, NOW it's here. Anyway, here's some stuff that won't be happening.


Ramp Randoms: Five Ways Timothy Olyphant Can Improve Your Love Life

Men! (and manly women) Would you like to inject some class into your silly swagger? Get your Olyphant on.


Beauty: Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Products

These beauty alternatives aren't just a budget trick; they're significantly better than the chemical-filled gunge so many of us are used to purchasing.

Ryan Dolan

Ramp Randoms: Eurovision 2013 – Meet The Contestants

So, now you've met Ryan Dolan, Lucy thinks it's high time you met those he'll be battling it out with in Azerbaijan next month.

Britney lurves you

How To… Conduct A Love Affair In The ’90s

Are you a loser in love? Pfft. You're clearly not from the '90s, or else you'd have that shit sorted, bucko.

FI Indie Blaggers

Music: The Indie Blagger’s Playlist

So you're trying to woo a person of the indie persuasion, but you're as cool as a Tabasco upchuck. Ramp.ie to the rescue.


Ramp Randoms: Ryan Dolan’s Only Love Survives – A Eurovision Breakdown

How well do you know Ireland's 2013 Eurovision entry? Not as well as our Lucy. Here's her second-by-second critical analysis. What d'you mean, unnecessary?

Best Characters of 2013 FI

TV: The Ten Best Characters Of 2013

There's no doubt that the best roles are on TV. Ann takes us through ten solid examples from this year's small screen offerings.

Jason Todd Death

Top Ten Superhero Deaths and Resurrections

Easter: a time for resurrection. Unless you're a comic book hero, in which case any time's a time for resurrection.

It's Always Sunny Spinning Class

Music: Ten Great Indie Workout Tracks

So you want to do a workout, but the gym is playing David Guetta? Stick these beauts on your iPod instead.

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