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Life Hacks
Day Z zombies

Health: Life Hacks – Zombies Don’t Wear Helmets.

Zombies! It's almost Halloween, so Ann's focusing on everyone's favourite undead miscreant... and the neuroscience behind their symptoms. Conclusion? Look after your brains, people.


Health: Life Hacks – Study Tricks

About to jump into a long study session? You may want to read this first, as our psych whizz Ann explains how to maximise your chances of retaining all that information.

Shaun Of The Dead

Health: Life Hacks – A New Way Of Thinking

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you'd hardly blame yourself for being super tasty to the undead, right? Same goes for other stressful life events, says Ann.


Health: Life Hacks – Time To Get Down Off Your High Horse

Hey, it's not your fault. It's just everyone else's. Ann delves into cognitive biases today to introduce us to the fundamental attribution error... something we're all guilty of.

Peter Capaldi as Malcolm in IN THE LOOP

Health: Life Hacks – When Giving A Fuck Is OK

In this week's Life Hack, resident psych whiz Ann is encouraging you to swear as if your life depends on it. Because maybe it does.


Health: Life Hacks – Meditation

Its list of benefits is seriously lengthy, it's good for mind and body and it's not just for Neil from The Young Ones. This week's Life Hack is all about meditation.


Health: Life Hacks – Pass The Pills

Have you cabinets full of magic beans? In today's Life Hack, Ann explains the placebo effect, and gives us a list of the marketing buzzwords we should be doggy wide to.

Rocky Montage

Health: Life Hacks – Goal Keepers

You know how your best laid plans often go awry? Well, perhaps those plans are far too grandiose. This week, Ann tells us that the key to keeping on target is to keep it simple.

Around The World

Health: Life Hacks – Pump It Up!

"Come on, Vogue. Let your body goo with the floow. You. Know. You. Can. Do. It." No, seriously. This week, Ann points out that music and dancing aren't just the building blocks of Julie Andrews' career.

Cross Spice

Health: Life Hacks – Is There Anything To Be Said For A Bit Of Botox?

To think happy, you have to act happy. In this week's Life Hack, Ann reminds us of the importance of our facial expressions in terms of our mood, and suggests there's more to Botox than meets the eye.


Health: Life Hacks #6 – Just Do It

Everyone knows sex is fun, but unlike most other fun pursuits, this one's actually very good for you. This week, Ann examines the physiological and emotional benefits of whackin' Willy Wonka into Wonderland.


Health: Life Hacks #5 – Exercise Hack

It's been proven that those who take regular exercise reap more benefits than a trim waistline, so why is it so hard for us to get off the couch? Our psychology boffin, Ann Cronin, fills us in.

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