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Cult Caravan
Reservoir Dogs - Buscemi and Keitel

Cult Caravan: Reservoir Dogs

Twenty years on, has Quentin Tarantino been able to better Reservoir Dogs? We say no.


Cult Caravan: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Before there was Sarah Michelle Gellar, there was Kristy Swanson, who had a much lighter touch on the old vampire-killing front. Nadene revisits Buffy's first ever outing.

The Young Ones

Cult Caravan: The Young Ones

Wild, irreverent, crude and brilliant... No, we're not talking about Ramp.ie's last night out. We're talking about The Young Ones, a TV show we still can't believe ever got made.


Cult Caravan: I Am The Ripper

I Am The Ripper is... Well, I Am The Ripper is all about... You see, the thing about I Am The Ripper is that.... Oh, it's no use; we can't summarise it adequately here. Just read the damn article. Le Wow.


Cult Caravan: Youngblood (1986)

There are many reasons to watch Youngblood (1986), but they all pale in comparison to 'Keanu Reeves attempts a French accent'.


Cult Caravan: A Shot At Glory

It's the 'T' in PTSD. It's the two hours in a hell not seen since Manchester United visited Galatasaray. Ladies and gentlemen, Ramp is proud to present the worst sports film of all time. OF ALL TIME.


Cult Caravan: Sunset Beach (1997-1999)

Breaking Bad, Imma let you finish but Sunset Beach was the greatest show of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Living In Oblivion (1995)

Cult Caravan: Living In Oblivion (1995)

In 1995, independent filmmaker Tom DiCillo made an independent film about independent filmmakers making an independent film. The result was Living In Oblivion, and it is spectacular.

The Plank

Cult Caravan: The Plank (1967)

The Plank doesn't have the most interesting premise, but it's an exercise in perfect comic timing and more inspirational than we give it credit for. Laura revisits the almost-silent classic.


Cult Caravan: Hard Ticket To Hawaii (1987)

A cast of Playmates and daytime soap opera veterans, the look of a feature length Duran Duran video and more explosions than you can shake an unnecessarily exposed nipple at.


Cult Caravan: Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Pints, guns, teeth, fire, jetpacks, magic, hedges, piranhas, mortars, stomping, smoke and Smarties. All in an afternoon's work in Giants: Citizen Kabuto.


Cult Caravan: The Cartier Affair (1984)

The Cartier Affair sees bumbling ex-con David Hasselhoff pretend to be a gay secretary so he can steal Joan Collins' jewels and repay his debts to gangster Telly Savalas. Astonishingly, none of that is dream-stuff.

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