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Go Fork Yourself: Tayto Chocolate

Posted April 23, 2013 by Seán Earley in Confectionery
Tayto chocolate bar


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If you haven’t yet snapped your jaws around a bar of Tayto’s experimental chocolate, Seán’s here to tell you what it’s like.

by Seán Earley
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Weighing in at 35g, the Tayto Cheese & Onion chocolate bars are the wacky daydream of every Irish child who ever combined a Dairy Milk and a bag of Cheese & Onion. This follows a massively popular Twitpic taken by someone who visited Tayto Park, claiming to have found ‘Tayto chocolate’. Cue the Twitterati being whipped into a frenzy. However, the myth was debunked as it was revealed that the picture was simply of generic chocolate in a Tayto wrapper. Even so, it ignited a spark. Why not combine chocolate and crisps into one bar? And who better than Tayto to make it happen?

Behold ‘Tayto Milk Chocolate Bar with Cheese & Onion Crisps’! The bars have polarised audiences so far, having a definite Marmite effect, keeping tongues wagging about the brand in general which is always a great thing!

What is it like?

Well, my initial reservation was a worry that the Tayto bar would be chocolate flavoured with some industrial cheese and onion flavouring, but that is definitely not the case! The crisps are crunchy and plentiful encased in a simple milk chocolate – which was, unfortunately a bit nonspecific in terms of character – but overall the taste was a delicious combination of salty and sweet with a strong onion aftertaste. Don’t plan on kissing anyone after scoffing one of these!

The bar is a great experiment for Tayto and definitely something I’d buy if it became widely available, but don’t hold your breath guys. This is a limited edition of 100,000 bars only, and may never be seen on Irish shelves again! The only improvement could be a dream team combo of Cadbury entering the fore to up the game on the chocolate quality. Now that would be something. But kudos to Tayto all the same.

The accompanying Tayto business card on our sample read, ‘You asked for it, we made it!’. And we certainly did ask for it, for here is a product completely driven by demand on social media, and it has definitely been a success. But have we gone too far? Should we have been content to simply combine our chocolate and crisps ourselves and not play God to savoury and confectionery snacks?

Pick one up if you’re lucky enough to find one and let me know what you think!

About the Author

Seán Earley

  • http://twitter.com/powertara Tara Power

    I’m a big fan of unusual food combinations and was eager to try this, but I wouldn’t purchase it if it became a permanent thing. I love sweet and salty, but the cheese and onion is what puts me off! Salty popcorn and chocolate, now there is a winner.

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