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Gig Review: The Meteor Live Sessions – The Would Be’s / Deaf Joe / Senakah / Le Galaxie

Posted October 2, 2012 by Hayley in 2012


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Artist: , , ,
Location: Dublin
Date: 26/09/2012


Bite sized treats of vastly different Irish music.


A fair bit of waiting around, but I suppose we could just talk to each other or something...

Hayley checks out the final instalment of the Meteor Live Sessions, with performances by The Would Be’s, Deaf Joe, Senakah and Le Galaxie.

by Hayley
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It’s the last of the Meteor Sessions in The Workman’s as part of Today FM’s Paul McCloone show, for now at least. Tonight sees four quite varied acts showcased together. The nature of the live recording and band interviews between short bursts of music means much nipping up to the smoking area for the punters between sets, but it’s all in the name of  the broadcast and promotion of great Irish music, so we can’t complain.

Kicking things off are indie popsters The Would Be’s, back together after twenty years, apparently a decision sparked by the inclusion of their brilliantly catchy, slow-pop single ‘I’m Hardly Ever Wrong’ in Tony Clayton-Lea’s book of top Irish songs. They play their more recent song ‘Beautiful Mess’ and the future release ‘Let’s Play Dumb’ before closing with sweet, old favourites ‘My Radio Sounds Different in the Dark’ and ‘Funny, Ha, Ha’.
Donning a cap and an impressive beard, folk singer Deaf Joe stills the room with, ‘Bellynoises’ (though not literally), followed with the title track from album Burrowings and ‘Over and Under’. These are ambient and slightly hypnotic songs, a quiet set, with just his vocals and keyboard. He notices the shuffling and quiet whispers as the venue fills up and tells us we should not be afraid to talk before finishing up with an understated but lovely cover of ‘God Only Knows’ by The Beach Boys.
Alternative rock band, Senakah are up next with indie rock tracks from their second album Human Relations, produced by Cranberries guitarist and producer, Noel Hogan. Their short set includes the title track ‘Human Relations’ with an energetic and catchy chorus (check out the funny video on their site). A great and confident live band, they close the set with ‘Sinking’, ‘The Frontline’ and ‘Stronghold’.
Dublin’s finest electro band Le Galaxie finish up the evening with a major shift in tempo. No glow sticks this time, which proves they were not the source of their power as it’s an still an explosive set, as always. Tracks played include ‘Powers of Miami’, the popular dance single ‘Midnight Midnight’ and ‘The Nightcaller’ off their new EP Fade 2 Forever which is laced with some gorgeous Laura Smyth vocals. Their interview with Paul McCloone before the show reveals that after a busy year of live gigs they plan to start work on new material in November, so pop those glow sticks in the freezer for now, folks.

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  • Conference Boy

    I was one of those whispering at the back during Deaf Joe. In fairness, it sounded nice, but I couldn’t hear a word he was saying…

    Enunciate man!

  • Dave

    great review of a genuinely great gig that night. really enjoyed it and fair play to paul mclune for putting on bands of this calibre. what a legend!

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